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Not getting what you need from your current planner or wall calendar?
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Magical Features
Built to eliminate headaches, save you time, and help you establish healthy rhythms.
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Import a recipe by pasting a url
Paste the url of a favorite recipe in a Card and Lome will extract key details of the recipe. Then you can add your own notes or edit the extracted text to make it your own.
An animated gif showcasing Lome's Vote functionality which enables families to decide democratically whats for dinner or which movie to watch.
Let them Vote
Put the food choice to a vote - create a Card with a Voting Block and pin it to a Board so every family member gets a voice.
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Grocery List
Make your grocery list while you meal plan with Lome's Checklists.
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Favorite Recipe Folder
Lome's tag folders make it easy to organize and access your meal cards.
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Pair a playlist
Embed a Spotify playlist in any card to set the mood for your next meal.
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Visual Planner
Everyone in the family can look forward to your meals with Lome's smart and custom images and emojis.
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Embed a YouTube Video
You can follow along with your favorite chef whenever you want to make the recipe at home.
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Establish a rhythm of weekly meal planning.
Planning your meals in advance sets your household up for success.

This practice eliminates last minute worry and confusion. It makes sure everyone gets happily fed and helps you be more efficient (less trips to the store and less time in the kitchen).

We recommend you engage your family in the process, allowing them to vote or contribute ideas. This gives them ownership and helps everyone look forward to mealtime.

Many families also make or partially make a number of meals in advance. This enables you to skip that mad scramble in the kitchen at the end of the day and instead, gather around the meal around the table for an enjoyable and formative experience.
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