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Not getting what you need from your current planner or wall calendar?
Lome is built to help you flourish.
Magical Features
Built to eliminate headaches, save you time, and help you establish healthy rhythms.
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Beta: Magic Import
Overwhelmed and confused with school and activity emails? Just send the text to Lome and we will magically extract all the relevant events and add them to your calendar
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Daily Agenda Text
Lome can send a group text to select members of your home with the key events and activities of the day so everyone is on the same page - even if they didn't check the Planner.
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Visual Planner
Everyone in the family can look forward to your meals with Lome's smart and custom images and emojis.
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Primary Calendar
Connect a calendar as your primary calendar on Lome for a full 2-way sync. Events you add in Lome will be viewable on Google.
An icon representing Lome's Secondary Calendars feature.
Secondary Calendars
Connect unlimited secondary calendars (viewable and editable on Lome, synced with Google).
An icon representing Lome's Maybe Events feature.
Maybe Events
Mark events as "Maybe Events" on Lome so you can discuss and decide later.
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Establish a rhythm of planning your weeks together.
You're just trying to make it through the week? Too often that's us too.

You and your partner struggle to stay on the same page? Yep. Same.

When you ask the families who seem to have it all together how they keep it all together, a simple common theme emerges - they have a shared family calendar and they communicate about scheduling and household organizing regularly.

But planning details too far in advance doesn't actually help because of all the events and household needs that arise along the way. This is why we recommend setting aside time (perhaps on a Sunday afternoon) to intentionally plan the week ahead. Get with your partner and perhaps the older children in your home and walk through the details of the week - What's important? What needs to happen? What has changed? What and when should everyone eat? Does anyone need rides? etc. As you talk all this through, capture all the details in a planner or calendar that everyone can access. Ideally this planner or calendar is digital and accessible from anywhere because life these days does not just happen in one place.

This practice doesn't just help you make it through the week, it sets you and your household up to thrive because it creates a source of truth, helps you manage the chaos, and gets everyone on the same page.
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