Smarter Sign Ups for Church Communities
Organize events and volunteers in minutes.
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"We used to use Sign Up Genius, but Lome has been so much more helpful for our community."
-Matt (Worship Leader)
Magical Features
Built to eliminate headaches, save you time, and help you establish healthy rhythms.
A screenshot of Lome's visual sign up form options.
Visual Sign Ups
Overwhelmed and confused with school and activity emails? Just send the text to Lome and we will magically extract all the relevant events and add them to your calendar
An animated gif showcasing Lome's Image Creator - a powerful tool that enables families to create fun images to use throughout Lome or download and use elsewhere.
Fun Image Creator
Lome can send a group text to select members of your home with the key events and activities of the day so everyone is on the same page - even if they didn't check the Planner.
An arm holds a cellphone that is issuing a notification.
Automatic Reminders
Don't let guests or volunteers forget. Set Lome to remind them via text message or email.
An invite envelope.
Invite Via Text, Email or Link
Add email addresses or phone numbers. Or just copy and paste the link.
A message mailbox.
Need to send an update? Message individuals or groups at any time via text message or email.
Icon depicting a video reel.
Embed Video
Insert a YouTube video to offer addition information or inspiration.
Icon of a musical note.
Embed Audio
Insert a Spotify playlist or podcast to set the mood or share interesting insights.
A simple icon showing rich text.
Rich Text Editor
Format your sign up page text to match your style.
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