Lome is a mission-driven product company.
Our mission flows from foundational beliefs, addresses a current threat, is honed by our convictions, and builds towards a vision of the flourishing life.
The Threat We're Addressing
Feeling exhausted, lonely, and dissatisfied? You're not the only one. Modern technology has exacerbated the brokenness and enhanced the friction in our core relationships, forcing each of us to wrestle with:
My relationship with myself is distorted as striving and busyness lead to an exhausted restlessness.
I do not experience loving mutual relationship with others because distraction and disorientation ultimately lead to loneliness.
I can't help but overindulge in the goods that the physical world offers in abundance, I am left overwhelmed and dissatisfied, often seeking to transcend embodied existence in the false hope that I may find satisfaction in some digital realm.