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#1 Tool for Signup Templates

We've helped hundreds of teachers create simple signups and events.

Super Simple Signup Forms

Connect and collaborate with students or parents with our colorful, ad-free signup sheets - Parent Teacher Conferences, Meet the Teacher Template, School Supply Signups, Activities and more!

From Start to Send in Seconds:

Determine the Details: Clearly communicate the time, date, and location of your event.

Customize Template: Pick a theme and category that fits your needs.

Send the Invites: Send your form using a text, link, or QR code. Start collecting RSVPs immediately and receive signups in real time.

Send a Reminder: Don't let parents or students forget. Send automatic text or email reminders With Lome.

Some awesome School Signups With Lome

A few of our favorite events organized With Lome

Organize more. Faster. With Lome.

Thousands of school functions are planned and organized With Lome. This is supercharged and simple planning.

The Smartest Signups

Ditch paper signups or organizing events in Excel. Enjoy cutting edge features With Lome.

From using AI-written event descriptions to integrating Venmo, you're guests will experience a smooth and comprehensive event With Lome.

illustration of Lome's mascot, Nudge the penguin, transcribing information - signifies how detail oriented Lome's ai is in helping you accomplish more.

Give Your School Signup Sheet Personality

Lome makes organizing and managing school sign up sheets easy and fun! With creative visuals and an intuitive user interface, you can quickly create online sign up sheets to help with class events, field trips, or after-school activities. And with its powerful feature set, you can customize the sign up sheets to best suit your school’s needs and make it easier for parents and teachers to get the job done!

Screen shot of Lome's shared calendar and message features that are available on Lome Community boards to help you collaborate with your community

Review Real Time Responses

Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms; Lome's simplifies the process and streamlines your workflow, ensuring a successful and well-organized event every time. Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your event strategy with real-time responses and insightful reporting.

screen shot of Lome's visual sign up forms - simple, shareable, beautiful.

Make it easier for parents or students to participate!

Our comprehensive planning solution is designed to simplify the planning process and streamline your logistics, so you can focus on what truly matters – the student's experience. Whether you're organizing a Parent Teacher Conference, Meet the Teacher event, coordinating after school activities, or collecting school supply signups, Lome is here to enhance the planning experience for everyone involved.

Invitations + Reminders

Easily invite and remind guests through multiple channels like text, email, QR code, or link sharing. Add contact details or share the link to reach everyone. Lome sends automatic reminders and allows easy messaging for updates, ensuring efficient communication with your invitees.

Templates + Customizations

Lome offers a clean, ad-free design with easy customization. It provides an Image & Theme Creator and lets you ask custom questions during sign-ups. Managing sign-ups becomes a seamless and visually pleasing experience for you and your participants.

Community Collaboration

Unlock support for your event by co-hosting through a collaborative board. Keep your community in the loop through shared resources like a calendar, message boards, and announcements. It simplifies event management with a centralized hub for sign-ups and updates, allowing everyone involved to contribute and stay organized.

What our community has to say

Real feedback from our Lome family

"I was yelling on my front porch trying to figure out Signup Genius... but I felt so relaxed using Lome"
Headshot of Lome user named Ashley

Ashley B.

School Mom & Therapist

"We are relatively new to Lome, but so far we are enjoying the experience. Our volunteers really like the ease Lome provides in signing up for our events. The folks on the help desk are awesome - very quick to reply and are open to suggestions. The user help videos are great and are able to answer most of our questions. Keep up the good work Lome!"
Headshot of Lome user named Lou

Lou B.

Theater Volunteer Coordinator

"We used to use Sign Up Genius, Meal Train, and Evite but Lome has been so much more helpful and cost-effective for our community."
Headshot of Lome user named Matt

Matt E.

Dad & Worship Leader

“I use Lome for Girl Scouts and as a Classroom Mom and it is WAY easier than any other system I’ve tried!
Headshot of Lome user named Amy

Amy B.

Class Mom, Girl Scout Leader

"We held a weekend event with 75 ladies and offered 18 different activities throughout the event, most with multiple time slots. Lome kept us organized and flowing smoothly the entire weekend! The platform was easy to use, efficient, and definitely enabled the success of our event! The customer service was also first-rate. We will definitely continue using Lome for future events!"
Headshot of Lome user

Jennifer M.

Event Coordinator

"Lome is a game-changer - it got my wife and I back on the same page."
headshot of jack

Jack S.

Dad of 3


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