Loving Home

We Flourish Together

an image showing how your community can flourish when we all help one another - the goal of Lome is to help coordinate these opportunities to love and serve one another.
"Home" is our family and community; it is the root system of our lives.

A flourishing life is rooted in a loving home and supported by a fabric of relationships that help it develop and thrive.

Our families, friends, schools, churches, teams, activities and other groups are those relationships.

But There's A Problem

Family sits at dinner table. Child sits and watches sadly as both parents stare at their mobile phones.
Modern life is busy, overwhelming, and distracting. It truly takes a village to make it all work.

When everyone is busy, overwhelmed, and distracted, how do we get organized enough to help one another?

How do we help one another combat the creeping loneliness of daily life?

We need tools that help us make gathering and coordinating faster and easier.

So Lome builds software that helps people flourish together.

Our Foundational Beliefs

Siblings hug in front of a loving home.
Uniquely Better Together
Every person is equally worthy and uniquely capable of living a flourishing life. Our communities are richer when share our giftings to support and encourage one another.
Mother and daughter embrace and smile at one another. Clearly they value each other.
You Are Not The Product
Many tech companies sell your data or make you view ads. They're effectively selling you to some other company. Lome does not. We build products and you pay for them if they are useful to you.

Our Guiding Vision

Every Community Flourishes

Our Daily Mission

Equip communities toward a richer shared life with thoughtful technology.

Our Values

How We Work
An icon showing a handshake.


We aim to be authentic, personal, and respectful
A happy juggler.


We work with a hopeful creativity and create positive moments of enjoyment.
A beautiful diamond.


In all our work we pursue a consistent, simple, useful, and durable craftsmanship.
A bouquet of beautiful flowers.


We approach each interaction with humility, curiosity, empathy, and a desire to listen, learn, and serve.
A grandmother and a grandchild - both very happy.


We seek to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders that they can pass on as an inheritance.
Mother and daughter walking toward a loving home as shooting stars fly overhead.Lome Logo.
Loving Home