Home is more than a roof - it's the root system of our life.

Home at its best is a place for formation towards flourishing - first for a family and then overflowing into other homes and the surrounding community.
Flourishing families contribute to a flourishing world.
Yet there is a crisis of busyness, distraction, and overwhelm that is threatening the foundational rhythms and routines of shared family life.
We don't want another app, device, or deluge of information.

We need tools and practices that help us live enriched, flourishing lives.
So we're building Lome, a radically mission-driven technology company.
Our mission flows from foundational beliefs, addresses a current threat, is honed by our convictions, and builds towards a vision of the flourishing life.

Lome works with intention and as such, has a set of values that outline the manner in which it and its employees approach its mission.
Our Foundational Beliefs
Equal, Unique, and Worthy
We believe that as people, we are each equally yet uniquely endowed with a heart, mind, soul, and strength that is worthy of recognition, development, and expression.
Loving and Living Together
We believe that we experience a flourishing life when we live in loving, mutual relationship with ourselves, others, and the world around us - co-developing and co-expressing our hearts, minds, souls, and strengths.
Our Guiding Vision

Every Family

Our Daily Mission

Help build healthy
families by equipping
and inspiring them
with thoughtful

Our Values (How We Work)


We aim to be authentic, personal, and respectful


We work with a hopeful creativity and create positive moments of enjoyment.


In all our work we pursue a consistent, simple, useful, and durable craftsmanship.


We approach each interaction with humility, curiosity, empathy, and a desire to listen, learn, and serve.


We seek to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders that they can pass on as an inheritance.