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Screen shot of Lome's home board - a powerful tool designed for families that pairs practical inspiration with magical collaboration features.
What is a Board?
Lome's Board is a digital translation of old school cork/white boards that you can access anywhere on your phone, tablet, or computer.

While our templates are a great introduction, we always encourage families to make Lome their own—pinning the things they need.
Curated Inspiration
Meals, Conversation Topics, Fun Shared Activities, and Restful Rhythms - You don't have to leave the app to find that next great idea or be reminded of an old favorite.
A screenshot showing the browse inspiration screen on Lome with many options for family convos, fun, rest, meals, and more!
A picture of the Bennett family standing in front of their house enjoying being together.
Practical Tips From Real Families
Lome partners with experienced experts and families like yours to highlight compelling household routines that real families actually use. Ideas from these creators are featured in the Inspiration Bank and also accessible via a public author page.
Tools for Healthy Rhythms
An icon showing tools - a hammer and a wrench.
A screenshot of Lome's visual sign up form options.
Visual Sign Ups
Hosting a potluck or book club? You need cookies. Who's bringing the cookies?! Create a sign up form to make sure someone brings cookies.
Screen shot of a beautiful and easy to use event invite on Lome that looks like it would be wonderful to use to collect RSVPs from guests.
Event Invites
Lome's visual and easy to customize style makes it quick to create a beautiful event. Share it with guests via text, email, or link to start collecting RSVPs immediately.
An animated gif showing the many options for pins that help families manage their household and establish healthy rhythms.
Pin all the things you need
Pin anything to your board - a recipe, convo topic or Routine, a Planner view, a drawing or photo, etc. Pins can be moved, resized, or customized with multiple views and filter options.
An animated gift showing the Lome's powerful Chores pin - which enables families to fairly share responsibility with children. Especially powerful is the taking turns feature.
Managing chores made easy
Lome knows it can be hard to remember exactly who took out the trash last. So you can set chores to "take turns" and keep things fair.
An animated gif showcasing Lome's Vote functionality which enables families to decide democratically whats for dinner or which movie to watch.
Voting for engaging decision making
Add a Voting Block to take a survey, get feedback, make group decisions, or just to ask silly questions.
An animated gif showcasing Lome's Image Creator - a powerful tool that enables families to create fun images to use throughout Lome or download and use elsewhere.
An image creator for the whole family
Why is your calendar boring when your life isn't? Lome keeps things visually engaging. Easily build fun, layered visuals for anything with the Image Creator.
And More to Explore
Small icon - email.
RSVPs and Voting
Small icon - recurring event.
Robust Repeating Events
Small icon - Lome's routine gameboard mode and checklist themes.
Checklist Themes
Small icon - chef.
Easily Embed Recipes
Small icon - habit tracking.
Habit Tracking
Small icon - magic wand.
Pre Built "Magic Weeks"
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Families like yours love Lome
“I use Lome for Girl Scouts and as a Classroom Mom and it is WAY easier than any other system I’ve tried!”
Amy, 2 kids (6 & 8 yo)
“I use to pour over pinterest boards... now I text Lome and know the suggested activities are tried and true.”
Mom, 3 kids Under 10
“Lome actually is healthy technology - it shows our kids that tech is so much more than social media and streaming."
Reilly, 4 kids (7, 5, 3, & 1 yo)

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