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Simple meal planning
Easy ideas for convos and activities
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Enrich your existing calendar
In Your Calendar
Leverage Lome in your existing calendar apps see all your plans and healthy rhythms.
In Lome
Lome offers full 2-way sync for your existing calendars so you can view and edit all your events.
Convenience of texting
Lome texts you new ideas every week. You can also text Lome to get ideas and information on demand - try texting “fun” or “f” to 251-336-3437.
Lome can send you and other members of your household a group text with your agenda for the day so you all stay on the same page.
Be inspired by routines that real families use every week like these:
Honor Around the Table
Make sure everyone is together at the dinner table...
Hot Seat
Over a meal, put someone on "The Hot Seat" where they have to...
Sitting in Silence
Gather everyone together in the living room and everyone can...
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Families like yours love Lome
“We use Lome as our shared family calendar... it's a real game-changer”
Mom of 3 kids under 10
“I use to pour over pinterest boards... now I text Lome and know the suggested activities are tried and true.”
Mom, two kids (8 & 9 yo)
“Lome actually is healthy technology - it shows our kids that tech is so much more than social media."
Dad, 4 kids (7, 5, 3, & 1 yo)
Our Vision: Every Household Flourishes
We're building a missional technology company.
We believe home is a place for formation toward thriving life and that flourishing families contribute to a flourishing world.
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