Spend Better Time
Have Real Conversations
Enjoy Fun Activities
Share Responsibilities
Spend Better Time
with your kids.
Simple Routines Transform Households
A fun and engaging meal shared with all members of your household.
Family Dinners
Two young children embrace and share loving words with one another. They appear to be looking at someone outside of the image and are conversing with him or her.
Meaningful Convos
Father and daughter playing together - pretending the floor is lava and trying to avoid stepping on it.
Shared Fun
The feet of two parents and one child poke out from underneath the covers at the foot of the bed. They appear to be resting together - perhaps sharing a calm afternoon nap.
Intentional Rest
Lome helps you establish these healthy rhythms with:
A screen shot of Lome's inspiration bank - filled with ideas for families like yours.
Practical Ideas
Get inspired by a bank of ideas from Lome and other families like yours: meals, convo topics, shared activities, restful habits, bedtime routines, and more.
An animated gif that shows the visual and powerful features of Lome.
Powerful Planner
Lome is the evolution of the family wall calendar; it's smart, easy to use, and available on the devices you already have. It remembers your favorite recipes, syncs with your existing calendar, and tracks chores, groceries, and to-dos.
An image of a loving home being served by Nudge the penguin dressed in waiter's gear.
Helpful Nudges
Get a daily group text that highlights the most important family items of the day. Set reminders for important tasks or events. Plan core weekly routines like family dinner with helpful prompts.
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Home is more than a roof - it is the root system of our lives.
At its best, home is a place for formation towards flourishing.
Flourishing families contribute to a flourishing world.

Loving Home.

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