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screen shot of Lome's delightful invite, RSVP, and sign up form features.
Delightful Invites & Sign Ups
screen shot of Lome's Community board feature that brings everything your community needs to collaborate into one easy to access and update page.
Community Boards
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Thousands of people are using Lome to engage their family and communities.

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“I use Lome for Girl Scouts and as a Classroom Mom and it is WAY easier than any other system I’ve tried!”
Amy, Mom of 2
headshot of Amy, a very happy user of Lome.
“We used to use Sign Up Genius, Meal Train, and Evite but Lome has been so much more helpful for our community.”
Matt, Worship Leader
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“Lome is a game-changer - it got my wife and I back on the same page.”
Jack, Dad of 3
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Premium Collaboration Tools
for Your Important Relationships
Delightful Sign Ups and RSVPs
Demonstration of Lome's delightful sign up form and invite/RSVP featuresscreenshot of a delightful looking signup form created with Lome.
All themes and templates included for all accounts.
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Collaborative Community Boards
screenshots of Lome's community board feature and a nice picture of a group of children gathered around a coach or teacher helping them.
Shared Calendar
Easy to Access, Edit, or Share
Mobile or Desktop - No App Needed
Create your own, or start with a customizable template.
illustration of a person raising their hand or volunteering
illustration of a chili cook pot.
Small Group
illustration of a school house
illustration of a happy heart
illustration of a soccer ball.
illustration of a church
illustration of a plate, fork, and knife.
Supper Club
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Feature-Rich Family Organizer
Demonstration of Lome's delightful family organizer features
Planner with Integrations
Inspiration: Convos, Fun, Rest
Chores, Routine, Lists
Daily Agenda via Text
Magic Import via OpenAI GPT
Easy to Access and Update
Mobile & Desktop
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Who Uses Lome?
Thousands of Families and People From Organizations Like These:
Broward County Public Schools Logo
Harvard University Logo
Nebraska sports council logo
Young Life logo
Emory Healthcare logo
The logo of The Pickleball club
Make A Wish Foundation Logo
Seattle Public Schools Logo
Beautiful. Easy. Fast.
screenshot of a delightful looking signup form created with Lome.
Visual Sign Ups
Lome makes you look good with a modern, visual design that is quick and easy to customize and super simple for your guests.
Screen shot of a beautiful and easy to use event invite on Lome that looks like it would be wonderful to use to collect RSVPs from guests.
Event Invites
You can also quickly create a beautiful event invite with Lome! Share it with guests via text, email, or link to start collecting RSVPs immediately.
An animated gif showcasing Lome's Image Creator - a powerful tool that enables families to create fun images to use throughout Lome or download and use elsewhere.
Image and Theme Creator
Lome makes you look good with a bank of thousands of free images and themes. Or you can easily build fun, layered visuals for all your events with the Lome Image Creator.
An animated gif showing the many options for pins that help families manage their household and establish healthy rhythms.
Planner Packed with Features
Your planner needs more than just a calendar - Lome Boards bring recipes, convo topics, Routines, chores, countdowns, and more into one visual, easy to access and update space!
An arm holds a cellphone that is issuing a notification.
Automatic Reminders
Don't let guests or volunteers forget. Set Lome to remind them via text message or email.
icon of a calendar or planner
Single or Multi-Date
Lome sign up forms make it easy to create sign ups of all kinds no matter your scheduling needs.
Illustration of a dollar sign.
Payments - Venmo
Add a Venmo button to your event card so guests can pay you or contribute to the cause!
Illustration of Lome's fun sticker wall feature.
Sticker Wall
Engage guests with a fun visual interaction - encourage them to leave their mark on your event sticker wall.
Sign up form clipboard.
Print / Export Sign Up Results
Print out a list of everyone who signed up for your event - or export it to a spreadsheet, if you’re into that sort of thing.
an icon of an address book or rolodex
Simple Contact Management
Lome makes it easy to share new events with previous invitees or use our AI to quickly create an address book.
An invite envelope.
Invite Via Text, Email or Link
Add email addresses or phone numbers. Or just copy and paste the link to share with everyone on your list.
a happy computer ready to assist you
AI-Written Descriptions
Save time - click "write it for me" to have Lome magically generate a custom description based on your event title.
A message mailbox.
Need to send an update? Message individuals or groups at any time via text message or email.
Icon depicting a video reel.
Embed Video
Insert a YouTube video to offer additional information or inspiration.
Icon of a musical note.
Embed Audio
Insert a Spotify playlist or podcast to set the mood or share interesting insights.
A simple icon showing rich text.
Rich Text Editor
Format your sign up page text to match your style.
a Lome generated QR code
QR Codes
Automatically generate a QR Code linked to your event - download it as an image or print it on your results page.
illustration of a person raising their hand to ask a question or waive.
Custom Question
Get the additional info you need - ask a custom question when people sign up.
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Why Use Lome?
All-In-One: Stop using so many apps!
Lome replaces Evite, Sign Up Genius, Meal Train, Google Calendar, and more!
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Saves You Time
Tons of free templates
Create in minutes
AI that writes for you
Text messaging
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Removes Frustration
No ads or spam
Notifications you can manage
Transparent pricing
Always getting better
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Makes You Look Good
Delightful design
Themes and templates
Thousands of images
Easy image upload/create
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Our Vision:
Every Household Flourishes
We're building a missional technology company.
We believe home is a place for formation toward thriving life and that flourishing families contribute to a flourishing world.
Our Mission and Values

Loving Home.

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