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“I use Lome for Girl Scouts and as a Classroom Mom and it is WAY easier than any other system I’ve tried!”
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Mom of 2

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Lome replaces Sign Up Genius, Meal Train, Google Sheets, Evite, and more!
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Delightful Sign Up Forms

Quick, Easy, Beautiful Group Organization
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Collaborative Community Boards

Add Co-Hosts, Share Multiple Sign Up Forms, And Get Everyone On The Same Page
A photo of a teacher reading to kids and screen shots of Lome's Community collaboration boards - keeping your community is easy with Lome
Build a board for your group:
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Small Group
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Supper Club
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Create a Board
Requires Paid Account.

Who Loves Lome?

Real feedback from Lome users:

"I was yelling on my front porch trying to figure out Signup Genius... but I felt so relaxed using Lome"
Headshot of Lome user named Ashley

Ashley B.

School Mom & Therapist

"We are relatively new to Lome, but so far we are enjoying the experience. Our volunteers really like the ease Lome provides in signing up for our events. The folks on the help desk are awesome - very quick to reply and are open to suggestions. The user help videos are great and are able to answer most of our questions. Keep up the good work Lome!"
Headshot of Lome user named Lou

Lou B.

Theater Volunteer Coordinator

"We used to use Sign Up Genius, Meal Train, and Evite but Lome has been so much more helpful and cost-effective for our community."
Headshot of Lome user named Matt

Matt E.

Dad & Worship Leader

“I use Lome for Girl Scouts and as a Classroom Mom and it is WAY easier than any other system I’ve tried!
Headshot of Lome user named Amy

Amy B.

Class Mom, Girl Scout Leader

"We held a weekend event with 75 ladies and offered 18 different activities throughout the event, most with multiple time slots. Lome kept us organized and flowing smoothly the entire weekend! The platform was easy to use, efficient, and definitely enabled the success of our event! The customer service was also first-rate. We will definitely continue using Lome for future events!"
Headshot of Lome user

Jennifer M.

Event Coordinator

"Lome is a game-changer."
headshot of jack

Jack S.

Dad of 3


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Lome Is Ad-Free

Lome is completely ad free- it doesn't show you ads, send you spam, or sell your data. This pictures shows how that gives you peace.

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Our competitors deal in showing you ads, sending you spam, and selling your data. Respecting your privacy means not resorting to the same old tactics.
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These Features Make Your Life Easier

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Visual Sign Ups
Screen shot of a beautiful and easy to use event invite on Lome that looks like it would be wonderful to use to collect RSVPs from guests.
Event Invites
screen shot showing the delightfully useful Lome Shared Calendars - the collaborative planners that make it easy to share a few days (or more) with anyone)
Shared Calendars
An animated gif showcasing Lome's Image Creator - a powerful tool that enables families to create fun images to use throughout Lome or download and use elsewhere.
Image and Theme Creator
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Automatic Reminders
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Single or Multi-Date
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Payments - Venmo
Illustration of Lome's fun sticker wall feature.
Sticker Wall
Sign up form clipboard.
Print / Export Sign Up Results
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Simple Contact Management
An invite envelope.
Invite Via Text, Email or Link
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AI Creation: Descriptions, Themes, Items
A message mailbox.
Messaging & Comments
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Embed Video
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Embed Audio
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Rich Text Editor
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QR Codes
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Custom Question
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