All of Lome's features.
What we've built (so far) on our mission to equip families and communities toward health with thoughtful technology.
Event Landing Pages
Lome's visual and easy to customize style makes it easy to create a beautiful event landing page via a Card. Upload your own images, add the important details, embed a playlist and video, then make the Card public and share the URL with your guests.
Invite via link, text, or email
Share your sign up with anyone - use Lome's invite feature to add email addresses or phone numbers. Or if you don't have everyone's contact info, just copy and paste the link into a message.
Know who's coming. Add an RSVP Block to any Card to host a simple event with ease right from your Lome.
Hosting a potluck or book club? You need cookies. Who's bringing the cookies?! Add a Sign-up Block to any Lome Card to make sure someone brings cookies.
Export Results
Export the results of your RSVP or Sign Up into a spreadsheet format for easy offline access or some kind of mad scientist advanced analysis.
Print Results
Easily print the results to your Sign Up or RSVP so you can have them when you need them.
QR Code
Lome generates a QR code for your event/form - download as an image or print on your results page.
Sticker Wall
Engage guests with a fun visual interaction - have them leave their mark on your event sticker wall.
Payments - Venmo
Add a Venmo Block to your event card so guests can pay you or contribute to the cause! 
Reminders - Auto & Custom
Don't let guests or volunteers forget. Set Lome to remind them via text message or email.
Need to send an update? Lome allows you to message individuals or groups of your invitees / sign ups at any time via text message or email.
Guest Thank You Cards
After an event, guests can send fun, visual, digital thank you cards to the host.
Host Notification Options
Lome allows hosts to get notified on their terms when guests Sign Up and RSVP.
Add RSVPs to a Sign Up
When you need invitees to RSVP and sign up Lome has you covered - just add an RSVP block to a Sign Up form.
Custom Question
Get the additional info you need - ask a custom question when people sign up.
Add a Voting Block to take a survey, get feedback, make group decisions, or just to ask silly questions.
Automatic map links
Lome's intelligent location field generates a link that makes directions for your guests easy.
Images & Photos
Image Creator
Why is your calendar boring when your life isn't? Lome equips you with a bank of pre-made images, stickers, and colors to keep things visually engaging. But Lome knows every home is different. So the Image Creator helps you easily build fun, layered visuals for all your events, recipes, convos, tasks, and whatever else you plan with Lome.
Image Upload
You wouldn't put a stock image on your fridge. Add personal photos to your events, recipes, and other cards to really make Lome feel like home. If you're an iOS 16 user, a new feature lets you easily remove the background from a photo so you can upload a person or item with a transparent background to create a polished, layered look.
Add stickers for personality or for privacy (cover up children's faces). Lome offers an extensive bank of stickers, or you also create custom stickers to use throughout Lome.
Unsplash Images
Lome integrates Unsplash's vast library of free images and photos so you can find the exact right image for your event, sign up, or other card.
Random Background
Randomly generate unique and colorful backgrounds for your images.
Collect memories in Lome. Upload, edit, add captions to photos. Then Pin a Photo Gallery to a Lome Board so you can enjoy it while you plan your next, memory-making week.
Shareable Galleries
Share a Gallery with anyone easily by making the Gallery public and sending around the link.
Type with Inline Emojis
Use Lome stickers/emojis inline with text while you type in a Lome Card. Simply type ":" and then search for the emoji of your choice. Try ":rocket" or ":zap" for example.
The shared calendar you need
You're managing a lot and coordinating with other family members. Lome's Planner can handle it all, make your existing calendars more useful, and provide a single source of truth for the whole family.
Beta: Magic Import
Overwhelmed and confused with school and activity emails? Just send the text to Lome and we will magically extract all the relevant events and add them to your calendar.
Primary Calendar sync
Already have a shared family calendar on Google? No problem - connect that calendar as your primary calendar on Lome for a full 2-way sync. Events you add in Lome will be viewable on Google.
Secondary Calendars
Have a few other calendars you need to reference? Us too. Lome offers unlimited secondary calendars (viewable and editable on Lome, synced with Google).
Maybe Events
Mark events as "Maybe Events" on Lome so you can discuss and decide later.
All the information you need to plan ahead without having to switch apps.
Daily Agenda text
Lome can send a group text to select members of your home with the key events and activities of the day so everyone is on the same page - even if they didn't check the Planner.
Not everything has a time
Lome understands that family life doesn't happen in 15 minute increments. That play date at the park? Probably not at 10:45a sharp; how about "in the morning, when it warms up, before the kids start getting hangry for lunch - I'll text you"?
Pin events to Planner
Not everything from your school or work calendar needs to show up on the Planner. We let you easily filter, pick and choose events you want to show, then hide calendars you don't need to see.
Robust repeating events
Weekly? Monthly? Every third Tuesday in February? However often, whatever frequency, Lome can handle it.
Filter views
See only relevant events on both the Planner itself and Board Pins of the Planner. Filter these views by Card type, Tags, and/or which members of your home are assigned to the Card.
Quick Schedule Add
Input multiple events efficiently. Quick Schedule Add is the fastest way to get all the events off a printed school calendar or emailed soccer team schedule into your Planner.
What's a Board?
Not everything seems to fit on a calendar, which is why so many homes hang white boards or cork boards on the wall. Lome's Board is a digital translation of those analog boards that you can access anywhere on your phone, tablet, or computer.
Home Board
The Home Board serves as your primary starting point on Lome. It can be customized to fit any home's needs.
Unlimited Sub-Boards
Lome users can created an unlimited number of sub-boards to they can easily organize information related to anything they can dream up. Trips, activity ideas, recipes, schoolwork, sports teams, family bucket lists, and beyond!
Pin anything to your board - a meal, recipe, convo topic or Routine, a Planner view, a drawing or photo, etc. Pins can be moved, resized, or customized with multiple views and filter options.
The Board Template Bank offers a wide array of options so you never have to start from scratch. Whether you're planning your meals, a party,  a family trip, or just trying to keep track of the soccer schedule, we've got a template for you.
Pin a view of your Planner to any board. The settings for each Planner Pin can be unique. For example, you can filter a planner pin to only show meals, or only show soccer-related events.
Monthly Calendar View
Lome's Planner is a powerful weekly planner, but sometimes it is useful to see a whole month at a time.
What are you looking forward to as a family? The countdown pin helps you hold your breath and prep for a birthday, a trip, a holiday, or that house guest you're sort-of excited about.
Star of the Week
Every week we pick a new family member to be the Star. What does that person get? You decide. Maybe they get to choose a board game, or help pick a meal. Find out more about your Star by having everyone ask them a question at dinner.
Notes - sticker, draw, and write
The Board is a great place to offer encouragement or reminisce. Draw, write, upload a photo, or use Lome's emoji stickers to engage with your household.
If you're in the democratic mood, the voting pin helps you answer the important (what's for dinner?) or the funny (who would win - Dad vs. Bear?).
Tag Folder
This Pin lets you showcase Cards based on a particular Tag. Very useful for recipes (all breakfasts?) or fun activities (local places you want to try!) or even board games. There’s a shuffle view that picks a random one for you too!
Meal Plan
One-click meal ideas
Lome offers simple meal ideas. Click anywhere on your planner to access them.
One-click recipe search
Create a meal Card - title the card your desired meal, perhaps "Bulgogi Tacos." The body of the Card offers the option to launch a recipe search for you.
Import a recipe by pasting a url
Paste the url of a favorite recipe in a Card and Lome will extract key details of the recipe. Then you can add your own notes or edit the extracted text to make it your own.
Favorite recipes Board
Keep your favorite recipes all in one place. Lome's sub-Boards are perfect for storing and organizing.
Shared grocery list
Make your grocery list while you meal plan with Lome's Checklists.
Meal voting
Put the food choice to a vote - create a Card with a Voting Block and pin it to a Board so every family member gets a voice.
Tonight's Dinner
Never have to answer - "Mom, what's for dinner?" again. Add this Pin to your Home Board.
Magic Week
What's Magic Week?
Healthy families spend quality time together. It can feel intimidating to get started. Lome's Magic Week helps you establish healthy shared rhythms by automatically sending you suggestions for four key routines - a family dinner, a meaningful conversation, a shared fun activity, and a practice of intentional downtime.
Family Dinner, Solved
A regular family dinner is one of the most impactful rhythms any family can establish. The meal doesn't have to be fancy. The important thing is to gather around the table to engage with one another. With Magic Week, Lome sends you suggestions for a meal and a meaningful conversation that you can use to establish your household habit of a weekly family dinner.
New curated ideas every week
Lome automatically offers four new suggestions for your home every week: a meal, a convo topic, a fun activity, and a restful shared practice.
Delivered via text
Each week, Lome can send your Magic Week suggestions via text so you don't have to log in.
Auto-add to Planner
Lome can automatically add Magic Week suggestions to your Planner.
Pre-build Magic Weeks
Queue up meals, convos, etc. for future Magic Weeks by adding them to Up Next.
Themed Magic Weeks
Low-Tech Week? Thankfulness Week? There are a number of curated, themed Magic Weeks available in the Magic Week Discover Bank. You can add these to Up Next.
Pick from Planner
If you already have a fun activity or meal planned for the week that you want to include in your Magic Week, the Pick from Planner features allows you to swap in your pre-existing item for Lome's Magic Week suggestion.
Inspiration Bank
Curated Ideas
Tired of endlessly scrolling socials or mom blogs looking for your next meal or family activity? We sure were. So we curated an Inspiration Bank of ideas for key family rhythms right in Lome. You don't have to leave the app to find that next great idea or be reminded of an old favorite.
Author Pages
Lome partners with experienced experts and families like yours to highlight compelling household routines that real families actually use. Ideas from these creators are featured in the Inspiration Bank and also accessible via a public author page.
Taking Turns
Lome knows it can be hard to remember exactly who took out the trash last. So you can set chores to "take turns" in order to better remember and keep things fair. Simply assign a chore to more than one home member, set how frequently you want it to repeat, and then set it to Taking Turns.
Whether you're dealing with a chore that repeats daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, Lome's robust repeat settings can help you keep track of everything from "make your bed" to "wash the window screens."
View by task or person
The Chores Pin has multiple view options to serve your needs. View your list sorted by chore to answer "who is taking out the trash today?" Or, sort by person to answer "what chores should Liza be doing today?"
Seasonal home maintenance
Home upkeep is hard to keep track of because the tasks recur so infrequently - clean the gutters, wash window screens, replace the air filters, etc. Lome's task repeat settings can handle it! Simply set up these items as chores and set them to repeat on whatever cadence is best.
Habit tracking
Lome knows how important it is to establish healthy habits. So the Chores Pin can be viewed in Habit mode which helps you track streaks.
Simple, flexible, powerful
Sometimes you need a quick list, no frills. Other times you need to add detailed instructions, assign tasks to specific people, and/or share with people outside your home. Lome's lists are built with all those times (and more) in mind.
Lome auto-visualizes each task with a tailored emoji. You can also upload or create your own emoji to represent a list item. This helps everyone, including non-readers, understand the task at hand.
Assign list items
Make it clear who should be doing what. Assign list items to any member of your home.
Attach a Card
To handle more complexity, you can attach a Card to a task. This enables you to add in-depth instructions or explanation. Reminders can also be set via Attached Cards so no one drops the ball.
Checklist Cards can be shared publicly so anyone can view and interact with them on any device via share link.
Homework? Babysitter instructions? Lome has a bank of easy to customize checklists to get you started.
Thrive in rhythms
Healthy habits are one of the most important things we can teach children. Lome's Checklist feature was built with Routines in mind to help adults and kids stay on track.
Game View
Checklists can be boring. With Lome you can visualize your checklist like a board game. Routine Checklists offer a Game View and "play" mode where kids can move through steps visually.
Lome provides dozens of visual Routine themes for Game View. Get ready for school with Pirates. Let Princesses help them get ready for ballet. Kids can even head to Space before they head to bed.
Theme Creator
Let your creativity run wild - dream up Routine Game View themes of your own!
Leverage Lome's bank of Routine templates for calm mornings, stress-free bedtimes, and easy sports preparation.
What's a Card?
The heart of Lome's data architecture is Cards. Each event, meal, recipe, activity, etc. is a Card. Cards may be simple - just a little bit of text. Or, they may be long and full of rich content like videos, images, and playlists.
Make any Card public to get a url where non-Lome users can view and interact. When shared, Cards effectively become mini-websites for your events, recipes, and activity ideas.
Create Flow
Build sign ups, rsvps, routines and more with ease - Lome's simple Create Flow is a wizard that takes the pain out of creating new cards - it even offers templates and will write the description for you!
Image and emoji
Every card on Lome has an emoji and an image. These get automatically assigned when you create a card, but can be updated at any time. You may even create custom emoji or images using the Lome Image Creator.
Date, time, location
Each Card can be assigned a date, time, and location. But unlike other calendars, a Card is not required to have a date, time, or location.
Card types
Lome Cards can be set as various types - Meal, Fun, Rest, Convo, List, or Family.
Cards can be assigned to Lome Home Members so you know who's going where and who should be doing what.
You may create and assign Tags to Lome Cards to help you organize your Cards.
Reminders & alerts
Don't miss the important stuff! Lome can remind you via text or email.
Content Blocks
Lome Card content is organized in Blocks. Blocks make Lome cards powerfully customizable and rich so you can use them for everything from hosting an event to pairing the perfect playlist with that recipe you tweaked slightly from your favorite YouTube chef.
Rich text
Plain text is so... plain. Ex-plain yourself better with formatting. Go boldly, or just strikethrough.
Checklist & Routine
Add a Checklist or Routine to any Card to stay on track and build healthy habits.
Other Cards
What's more powerful than a Lome Card? TWO Lome Cards! Embed cards within cards to create powerful inter-card linking and references.
Import content by pasting a url
Paste any url in a blank card and Lome will extract key text and a header image. Then you can add your own notes or edit the extracted text to make it your own.
YouTube embed
Embed a YouTube video that can play in-line so you can watch your favorite YouTube chef or craft artist as you follow along at home.
Spotify embed
Easily embed a song, podcast, or playlist from Spotify to create that perfect pairing or ambience.
Primary Calendar
Integrate a Google Calendar as your Primary Calendar on Lome to see and edit all your events in both places. Lome becomes the enriched, visual meta-calendar while you and other family members don't have to adopt a new calendar to have access.
Integrate Secondary Calendars to bring additional, referential calendars into Lome. Edit these events in Lome with a 2-way sync.
No need to load the app. Lome can text you new ideas for healthy routines each week with the Magic Week text. Or it can send each day's key events via the Daily Agenda group text to everyone in your home. You can also text Lome to get ideas on demand.
Who is Nudge?
Nudge the Penguin lives in the lower right corner of Lome. He's there to encourage and serve you.
App tips
Nudge has spent a lot of time in Lome, so he really knows his way around. Click on him to see Lome tips and tricks.
Have a question or feedback for us? Click Nudge and select "help."
Nudge is for you and he's not afraid to let you know it.
Powerfully visual for every user
Lome is intended to be a tool for every member of your household. To that end it offers a visual and customizable interface so that even nonreaders can engage and understand.
Lome has a smart set of emoji and images that get intelligently assigned when you create or update a Card or task.
Works on any device
Phone, tablet, computer. Android, iOS. Lome is built to be accessible and useful no matter what the context.
No passwords
You log in to Lome via magic link or with a temporary code texted or emailed to you. This secure method ensures your family's data is safe, but also means you don't have to remember another password.
Unlimited home members
Every household is different. Easily add as many home members as you need.
Member avatars
Pick a fun animal or one of Lome's other avatars. If you want a more custom expression, you can create or upload your own.
Week starts on
Sunday? Monday? Friday!? Change the day the Planner week view starts.
Communication controls
We only send you communications you want via the channel (text or email) that you prefer.
Location (US & International)
Lome uses your location for weather and time zone.
Metric weather
See the weather in the format you prefer.
Real-time updates
The data on Lome's Cards, Boards, Planner, etc. all update in real time so two people viewing the same card will see it update without reloading or refreshing.
You are not the product
Lome is our product - not the data our customers entrust to us. We do not make money from collecting or selling user data.
Built By
Mission-driven company
Lome was founded by parents on a mission to build thoughtful technology that helps families flourish.
Never impede the mission
In all things we seek to never to impede the flourishing of any family.
No outside investors
Lome is 100% employee-owned, which means it can remain focused on the mission for the long term.