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Can't afford Lome right now, but still want to use it? We're committed to our vision of every family flourishing. Send us an email to tell us a bit of your story and we will do our best to work out a solution tailored to you.

Practical Ideas

Get inspired by a bank of ideas from Lome and other families like yours: meals, convo topics, shared activities, restful habits, bedtime routines, and more.

Powerful Planner

Lome is the evolution of the family wall calendar; it's smart, easy to use, and available on the devices you already have. It remembers your favorite recipes, syncs with your existing calendar, and tracks chores, groceries, and to-dos.

Helpful Nudges

Get a daily group text that highlights the most important family items of the day. Set reminders for important tasks or events. Plan core weekly routines like family dinner with helpful prompts.

Rock the Rhythms

Lean into healthy routines with checklists - from starting the day to working through chores or a homework list. Move your kids from brush teeth to lights out without the fight.

Your Favorites

Easily input and edit anything. Paste a url to your favorite recipes and quickly add the board games you actually play. Once your content is in, Lome makes it easy to find and plan the things you love.

Include the Kids

Image View empowers even those who can't yet read to understand and engage with family plans and routines. You don't need to be a craft superstar to make beautiful customized visualizations for your household.
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