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Delightful Potluck Sign Ups
Invite via email or text, gather RSVPs, dish sign ups.
A screen shot of one of Lome's free online sign up forms - beautiful, easy to use, and ad-free!
“I use Lome for Girl Scouts and as a Classroom Mom and it is WAY easier than any other system I’ve tried!”
headshot of Amy, a very happy user of Lome.
Mom of 2
The best potluck organizer for your community, team, and family - plan your first potluck party completely free - no credit card required, no ads on your form.
Get Started in Seconds
Beautiful. Easy. Fast.
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Visual Sign Ups
Screen shot of a beautiful and easy to use event invite on Lome that looks like it would be wonderful to use to collect RSVPs from guests.
Event Invites
An arm holds a cellphone that is issuing a notification.
Automatic Reminders
icon of a calendar or planner
Single or Multi-Date
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Payments - Venmo
Illustration of Lome's fun sticker wall feature.
Sticker Wall
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Image & Theme Creator
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Simple Contact Management
An invite envelope.
Invite Via Text, Email or Link
a happy computer ready to assist you
AI-Written Descriptions
A message mailbox.
Icon depicting a video reel.
Embed Video
Icon of a musical note.
Embed Audio
A simple icon showing rich text.
Rich Text Editor
clipboard with paper on it.
Export and Print Results
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Custom Question
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Guest Thank You Cards
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Host Notifications
a Lome generated QR code
QR Codes